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Youth Appreciation Award at Abigail Vare Elementary School, Philadelphia

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Youth Appreciation Award
Learning to teach

At the tender age of 6, Ayanie Chhoeun is showing promise a teacher in the making. Her enthusiasm to learn shows in the quality of her work at Abigail Vare Elementary, 1621 E. Moyamensing Ave., where Ayanie enjoys helping other classmates in need.

“She strives to produce quality work,” first-grade teacher Catherine Fiore said of her star student. “She is a great helper who follows directions. She tries not to give the answer, but I observed her giving examples to her classmates in need around her. Overall, she is a well-rounded student.”

Ayanie’s efforts recently earned her the Star Student of the Week.

“She is a great role model of good behavior, as well as a good model academically,” Fiore said.

While Ayanie always does well on her assignments, reading is her top subject. She picks up a book for fun, but also uses effective reading strategies inside the classroom. She also displays great organization skills. Supportive role models in Fiore, as well as her mom and grandmother, are each credited with key roles in her early schoolhouse success.

Ayanie, of the 1900 block of South Fourth Street, also makes sure she leaves time for kids’ stuff, especially hopscotch.

But the devotion and enthusiasm for learning and teaching at so young an age will ensure Ayanie of achieving her goals.

“Ayanie would like to become a teacher one day because of her love for learning and to help others in their learning,” Fiore said.

Ayanie Chhoeun will receive a $150 savings bond. If you are a teacher or full-time educator and would like to nominate a student (first through 12th grades), call 215-336-2500 ext. 123 or e-mail editor@southphillyreview.com.


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RMV's Colleague said...

You are very welcome. You have been helped a lot. Thank for stopping by. How have you been doing KounKhmer? Wish you the very best in 2009.

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