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Pastor Rony Tan Ridicules Buddhism

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've not written for quite some time now. Today I came across two video clips, Part 1 and Part 2  at youtube of pastor Rony Tan sort of interviewed an ex-Buddhist on Buddhism and giving ridiculous comments as they go along. This video clip shows how a pastor stooped so low in trying to discredit Buddhism.

Ex-Buddhist, Joseph Wee exposed his shallow knowledge in Buddhism as he was telling his life as a former Buddhist. Actually the whole video is quite funny, like two clowns making a fool of themselves for the laughters from the audience.

Anyway, I'll still write and refute them as this is the purpose of this blog.

Joseph Wee told about himself having a stint as a two weeks novice monk, but as usual, evangelical Christians love to lie and Rony Tan introduced him as an ex-monk, as if he was a fully ordain monk before. It sounds better for the egoistic Christians, doesn't it? From the video clips, Joseph Wee sounded exactly like an ignorant lay Buddhist than an ex-monk. At the ending of Part 1 video clip, Joseph Wee declared that he was just a monk wannabe. Once again it's proven that some evangelical Christians love to twist fact and lie.

Joseph Wee started by telling about chanting a powerful Pali one-word mantra in his practice which he doesn't know of it's meaning. Rony Tan then started to ridicule the mantra and equating it to some funny sounds he made. Evangelist Christians like him are really despicable.

As Christians are taught that God is the only supreme one, Rony Tan pretended to be taken aback when Joseph Wee told that Buddhists have the potential to be more powerful than god. Buddha has said that a god will eventually decay, die and be reborn again. I believe this is true in the sense that the God I've read about in the OT is not the same as the God in NT. Anyway, this shows how ignorant Joseph Wee is about Buddhism. Buddha never taught about how to become the most powerful being. This is not the teaching of Buddha. It's about cessation of endless rebirths and sufferings.

Joseph Wee then told that he was elected as an honorable treasurer of the temple and the Sri Lankan chief monk wanted him to be his successor when he leave the country. Can someone please check this out if it is true? After watching the rest of the video, it's a blessing to the Buddhist community that he didn't.

Joseph Wee obviously doesn't know much about Buddha's teaching, rebirth, kamma and nibanna. And Rony Tan is obviously using his ignorance as a platform to belittle Buddhism. I don't see how he could be a religious leader. Oh yes, I forgot, he is an evangelical Christian.

Rony Tan goes on to explain that rebirth is useless because we can't remember our past lives to learn from therefore rebirth is not true. I say if everyone can remember their past lives then all will live a miserable life. Imagine if Rony Tan remembers that he was once killed by Joseph Wee and in another life he was the abusive father of Joseph Wee as his daughter. And there are a few hundreds of past lives, if not thousands. Do you think our uncultivated mind will function normally with all these memories?

As told by Buddha and Buddhist cultivators, when the mind is tamed and settled and having reach a deeper stage in meditation, we will start to recall our past lives. We will then understand many things which normal people don't.

I'll not say anything about Joseph Wee's testimony but I did have a laugh, it's so naive of him. At the end of the Part 2 video clip, they were praising God that a child spoke in tongue (non-understandable gibberish) during an occasion and yet in the beginning of the show they were trying to ridicule the one word mantra. Was pastor Rony Tan speaking in tongue when he made those funny sounds?

In another video clip , Rony Tan demonized Buddhism and make a slanderous remark on Buddha's last words.

Evangelical Christians are unbelievable!

Original posted at: http://dhammaprotector.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

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此致, 并
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