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Pastor Rony Tan Demonized Buddhism

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

While the previous article shows how evangelic pastor Rony Tan stooped so low to ridicule Buddhism. This video clip will show how he demonized Buddhism and slandered Buddha. Seems like Rita, the lady in the video, did not expect his slanderous remarks on Buddhism. If Rita is reading this, please reflect on how the truth is taught in Buddhism and how some evangelical Christians incorporate lies and slanders into their sermons.
In Joseph Wee's case of bleeding anus, it's thanks Jesus for the healing. In Rita's case of recalling past lives, it's the work of the demon. How easy of Rony Tan to cite the act of demon when a phenomena is not within the beliefs in Christianity.

Imagine if the ex-Buddhist girl told her story of a voice telling her to believe in Jesus and when she went to a church for the first time, she started to speak in tongue. Pastor Rony Tan will be singing a different tune and started praising his Lord.

When he tried to ridicule and rubbish the girl's recalling of her past lives and the Tibetan monk's ability to describe her past lives correctly, he's like an amateur magician performing a cheap trick for kindergarten children. And just telling the audience to accept his 'demonic' explanation as if they are morons.

His attempt to refute rebirth by illogical reasoning is pathetic. The first reason, he gave a stupid example of a man in his 'first life' as a high ranking monk to disprove the theory of rebirth. I would like to ask him how did he know that the high ranking monk did not have many previous lives before? Oh, just because he said so. And then he asserted you to understand his moronic example.

His second reason is that animal are amoral creatures, therefore it disprove the theory of rebirth. But I can prove that he's wrong. In Buddhist sense, he was reborn as an amoral creature in the last ten second of the video clip. He has lost the sense of morality at that moment. He was slandering Buddha and praising Jesus in one sentence. He said, "Buddha's last words is 'I'm still searching for the way'", and then stepping forward he said, "Jesus comes, 'I am the way".

Pastor Rony Tan also loves to harp on his wrong view of Buddhist attitude towards women. Please visit here to be better informed than the ignorant pastor.

And Buddha's last words is:
"Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation." (Mahaparinibbana Sutta)

In conclusion, as a senior pastor, Rony Tan has conveyed a message that Jesus' way is like a lamp without oil. Evangelists like him needed lies and slanderous remarks as alternative fuel.

Transcript lifted from Hedera:
see how rony tan demonises buddhism from 4:51: 'ok, now, here i pause again to, you know, let you all know that, when we talk about religions; false religions, we are not just talking about a set of teachings.we are talking about the spiritual world. we are talking about satan and his demons,coming into people's mind and dropping ideas like that, to get us away from ..... .... ....'

from 5:42: 'when rita was seriously, you know, in this religion, the demonic power would supernaturally put some ideas in her mind, and the same demonic power, you cannot see, put the same kind of thoughts into the tibetan monk. so when they check up the facts, it's the same. it dazzles us. but if you were to look behind the scene, it is a cheap david copperfield trick, nothing more, nothing more, you understand? so conclusion, there's no truth in reincarnation.'

Original posted at: http://dhammaprotector.blogspot.com/



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