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Refuting Pastor Rony Tan's View On Buddhism

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There's a comment in Pastor Rony Tan Demonized Buddhism by an anonymous visitor which refutes Rony Tan's wrong view on Buddhism point by point which I'd like to publish on this blog for easy reference. Thank you to this visitor for your valuable contribution.

1)Rony Tan asked what determine a person sex during his/her first life.

Ans: Regarding karma and rebirth, to be born male or female depends on the individual's powerful karma, whether good or bad. If one has no such powerful karma, sex will depend on the cultivated and accumulated sexual characteristics of the individual.


2)Rony Tan said Buddhism scale of thing is a man is higher than a women.

Ans: In Buddhist text, physiological sex is no obstacle to achieving enlightenment because in meditative practice, one's body is only a "form".
The concept of gender equality in Buddhism is first mentioned in the Tripitaka Vinaya, where the Buddha, when pressed for an answer from Ananda, proclaimed that it is possible for women to leave their household life by becoming bhikkhuni (female monk). He also stated that it is possible for women to achieve different levels of enlightenment. Therefore, he allowed women to be ordained. Many of women in the Buddha’s time attained enlightenment at different levels,according to the Theri Gatha Sutra in Tripitaka.

3)Rony Tan claimed that Buddhism is demonic. Rony Tan said when talk about false religion it about satan and demons coming to people mind. Rony said when Rita is into Buddhism, demonic power will put idea into the monk and her mind.

Ans: Meditation is a form of mental development toward perfection of mind resulting in Five Supernatural powers. These include mind reading, the ability to talk to the dead, see past lives, walk through solid objects such as walls, walk upon water, teletransportation, traveling to various realms of existence and others. Today, even early child development on right brain development emphasis on sharping the 5 senses to achieve Telepathy or Clairvoyance.

4)Rony Tan said there no truth in reincarnation. He claimed that Buddhism engaged in David Copperfield trickery.

Ans: The difference between the reincarnation of Hinduism and rebirth in Buddhism is that the former involves a soul transmigrating from one life to another; the latter does not. Buddhism teaches that there is no soul to be reborn. The question on rebirth can be answer in The Questions of King Milinda

5)Rony Tan claimed that the dying Buddha's last words was "I am still searching for the way."

Ans: The last words of Buddha can be found in Mahāparinibbāna Sutta. The followings are some translation of the phrase, the Buddha's last words

"Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation."

All compounded things, all experiences (mental and physical), all phenomena by their very nature decay and die, and are disappointing: it is through being not-blind-drunk on, obsessed by, or infatuated with, the objects of the senses that you succeed in awakening, or obtain liberation.

6)Rony Tan then claimed that Jesus appeared and told Buddha that
"I am the way."

Ans:Buddha predates Jesus by 500 years. Therefore, more likely that Buddha teaching has showed Jesus the way. 

Original posted at: http://dhammaprotector.blogspot.com/



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