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Prime Minister Abhist Vejjajiva admits to sending Panich to border

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Abhisit talks to the press.

4th January, 2011
Bangkok Post

Prime Minister Abhist Vejjajiva on Tuesday morning admitted he sent Panich Vikitsreth to the Thai-Cambodian border where the Democrat MP was arrested along with six other Thais.

Mr Abhisit said this before chairing the cabinet meeting to discuss ways of helping the Thais. He said details would be given to the press after the meeting.

The Democrat Party would also hold a meeting this afternoon to discuss this matter. Some of Bangkok MPs had expressed their wish to go to Cambodia to visit Mr Panich at the Prey Sar prison, he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said the Thai side must exercise a lot of patience and adhere mainly to negotiations.

He hoped Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen would think about friendship and relations between the two countries.

The leaders of Thailand and Cambodia had been in contact, he said.

Mr Suthep, who is also secretary-general of the Democrat Party, said what happened was not a political game, and expressed concern over the Thai Patriots Network's plan to stage a rally in Sa Kaeo province today saying it could further escalate the situation.

He believed the problem would be solved through negotiations with Cambodia without requiring an Asean country to mediate.

The problem should be solved before Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Sok An's planned visit to Thailand.

On an offer help by Noppadon Pattama, a close aide of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Mr Suthep said that was welcomed.

The deputy prime minister also denied a claim by a core member of the Thai Patriots Network that Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon told Cambodia to arrest the Thais, warning that a rumour could further complicate the matter.

Panitan Wattanayagorn, PM's deputy secretary-general and acting government spokesman, said he wanted more information on Mr Panich's video clip which has been released on YouTube before commenting on it.

The government was also waiting to see what action the Cambodian court would take regarding the seven Thais, he said.

He said Mr Abhisit did not yet have a plan to travel to Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

Thai is really became blind, stupid and crazy because of her dirty ambition.

How we consider this Thai as educated and civilized nation, when they made a comment on basic less and irrational.

Here I would like to interpret the word "SIAM and THAI" that can be related to its history and character of this Nation.

S = Southern China
I = Idiotic
A = Abusive
M = Migrant

Idiotic and Abusive Migrant of Southern China.

Historically, Siam (Tai) was a ethnic group live at Yunan (Nanchao) province of Southern China.

This race is bad behavior from a nature, abusive, thievish and unreasonable envy,... By seeing this, a China's emperor put suppress and expel from the country.

They came down by the Menam River (Chao Praya) in the Khmer Empire. they settled down and collected as communities by getting permission and kindness from the Khmer Kings.

When the Empire became weakness by religion conflicts and some causes, they turned their heads to bite their master by supported and aided from Khmer betrayers.

They robbed Khmer properties such as land, documents, artifacts, valuable things, cultures (find arts, literature...),... that led them to know a civilization.

They are happy as if they live on a heaven (Sovannaphumi) because they got every thing from Khmer.

By becoming a new reach nation in Southeast Asia by robbing the Khmer belongings, they changed their name from SIAM to THAI, which its mean:

T = Thief
H = Heaven (Sovannaphumi = Khmer Empire Land)
A = Abusive
I = Idiotic

Abusive and Idiotic Thief live on a heaven.

By getting their Karma because of their ungrateful and bad treatment to their master (Khmer), now a heaven is becoming a hell due to internal turmoil (yellow, red, blue,...) and a separatist group at the south.

So it can mean

Idiotic and Abusive Thief live on a Hell.

As mention above, Thai has nothing to be proud, except try to hide bad things and take Khmer's as their own pride. SHAM!!!!

Even if the Khmer numerals and scripts are also exist on their bodies (Yantra), currency bills and their king face.

You know? their killed his own brother for a crown.

How do you pay respect and bow down to a killer?


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